Client Testimonials

2/10/19 Wonderful, Jason was a pleasure to work with. His experience shows well and I have learned a lot from him. With Jason’s guidance we continued to change strategies and increased our profits by waiting out through the buyers contingency resulting in quite an increase in comparison to our original asking price.

- Rick Humphrey

9/4/18 It went great! We selected Jason as the listing agent to help us sell my mother's mountain home after interviewing 5 different realtors, and we were thankful every day that we made that choice. He always delivered (and more!) on his promises, was patient and thorough, and never, ever pressured us. For an additional 1% commission, Jason acted as the project manager for renovating the house to maximize its resale value. I could not believe how quickly he got vendors into the house and was thrilled with the high quality of their work. Jason stayed within our budget and always explained the benefit of the work he recommended we do. The five realtors we interviewed gave list prices that were as much as $200,000 apart. Jason was at the high end or the range and explained how the refurbishing he was suggesting would get us that price. The house had multiple offers at or above asking price on the first weekend it went on sale, and we closed 3 weeks after that. Jason delivered on his promises and I think he did better for us than many of the other realtors we interviewed (who might have been focused on a quicker sale at a lower price). I recommend Jason unreservedly. He is the best! Description of work: Selling a mountain home.

- Benjamin Landon

It's a wonderful thing when you and your realtor think similarly and they employ the right strategies! Jason was able to hone in on his expertise to get my offer accepted in a very aggressive market.

- Windy D.

2/22/19   As this was my first homebuying experience, I had no idea what realtors really did, or what value they could provide. As I started working with Jason throughout the process of purchasing my first home, I immediately realized Jason is a guy who will GO TO BAT FOR YOU, bigtime. He immediately answered my phone call at a late hour and got the ball rolling on the transaction immediately. He negotiated effectively with a mercurial, difficult FSBO seller to get us a good deal, and constantly kept us in the loop as things progressed. You won't find better in Colorado than Jason Zisk!

- Kyle Moore

2/5/19 My wife and I had the good fortune to have Jason help us to sell our house. We didn't make it easy for Jason. After listing our house we got in our RV and left for Alaska. We signed various documents as we traveled north that Jason sent us via email. To make it even harder on Jason for extended periods of time we weren't in locations where we could receive email or phone calls. Jason sent the closing documents using an overnight mailer to the Yukon as we were returning from Alaska. Overnight doesn't quite mean overnight while in the Yukon. Oh by the way a Canadian Notary can handle US documents. Jason dealt with all the difficulties and unusual circumstances of our sale with complete competence and without complaint. We didn't have to worry, we knew Jason had this.

- Jon Westdal

5/11/18 We found Jason by searching for great reviews online, and he lived up to all of them! He went quite literally out of his way, further north than he'd listed a house before, to help us sell our home in Lafayette.  He went above and beyond in every other way was well. He was very thorough, and took his time teaching us how to compare listings and analyze data.  We appreciated how knowledgable he was in every detail of the process. His kindness and good humor took the edge off of the challenging business of selling our home.

- Ingrid Julyk